Moth Cock

Moth Cock is the duo of Doug Gent and Pat Modugno from Kent, Ohio. They create this backwoods type of noise that could only come from the mysterious parts of the Buckeye State. If you are familiar with the early days of the Alien Workshop skateboard company and their abstract video Memory Screen, then you know what I mean. I found out about Moth Cock from Alex Moskos of Drainolith/AIDS Wolf.

Gent and Modugno use a slightly different batch of instruments than your typical noise jammers by using a variety of woodwinds and horns. I think that's the musical term I'm looking for. Anyway, they run said wind instruments through a variety of effects pedals to produce a sprawling wall of sound. There's also chirps, bloops, and bleeps added into the mix for good measure. It's glorious.

Moth Cock have a bunch of tapes and records on such labels as FairChild Tapes, Tusco Embassy, ITDN Group, Pizza Night, and others. Tusco Embassy released their full length self titled album this summer in an edition of 300 so grab one while you can. It's got a vibrant green and orange screen printed cover and one side plays from the inside out.

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