Counterfit was a four piece band that started in 1999 and broke up in 2004. They released 2(?) EP's (On The Downside, and From Finish to Starting Line), one full length (Super Amusement Machine For Your Exciting Heart), and toured forever. They were on Negative Progression Records, home to another band and future post, The Progress.
I guess what amazes me about Counterfit is how polished they are, and how much they bring to the table with so little. What I mean is, they don't really use a lot of intricate guitar leads or complicated instrumentation. Instead they take basic chords and delicate picked sections and somehow manage to combine it with precision and energy. A few of my friends and I joke that Counterfit is most impressive when they're not playing anything. Their stops, starts and transitions are seamless, without compromising songwriting or melody like some technical/mathy stuff tends to suffer from. If you're a fan of Mock Orange, Park, or No Knife, check this band out:


Unfortunately, like many bands, Counterfit's largest tour (with Recover and Finch in 2003) was also their last. They released a DVD/CD in 2007 entitled "Managing the Details of an Undertaking" documenting the tour, the entire farewell show, tons of unreleased songs (including a cover of "Million" by Jawbreaker), and old performances.

Bass player Justin Rodriguez and Guitar player Dan Reed both have current solo projects, while brothers Marc and Adam Allen started Helen Earth Band, who happen need your help with a van! If you want to see them, toss them a few bones or pick up their album Our Own Ghost City. It rules.


Helen Earth Band - "(We All) Talk With Knives"

Counterfit - "From Finish to Starting Line"

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