Justin's Top Ten for 2010

This list is ten of my favorite albums of the year. I picked out a bunch of albums that I have spent a lot time listening to and enjoying. That's always been my main criteria for making any of these lists. I tried to avoid some of the bigger names that dominated the indie rock universe in 2010. This would include Titus Andronicus, No Age and Surfer Blood for example. Nothing against those bands because I like all three a lot, but they have already made a variety of other lists by now.

I'm at a point now where I find lists where the author picks out the more obscure albums that mattered to them a bit more interesting than every major publication and website declaring Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy the greatest of the year. Is Kanye even that good? In five years from now is this selection going to hold up as a worthy critical pick? I don't know and my money is on the answer of no for both questions.

I've been taking in to consideration more about how tastes change, including my own, and what sounds great might not sound so great later on down the road. I'm also considering the opposite, when an album takes a while to grow on you. I'm finding more value in the records that hold up over time and putting in the effort to collect music like that. Not that I won't pick up the occasional flavor of the month, but I'm trying to be reasonable about that sort of thing. Sometimes those flavors of the month end up sticking around a while. Finally, I'm making every effort to stay current with new bands because nostalgia is cool and all, but it isn't that cool.

Hence, my list. In alphabetical order for no real reason.

1. AIDS Wolf - March To The Sea - Skin Graft
2. The Body - All The Waters Of The Earth Turn To Blood - At A Loss
3. Grass Widow - Past Time - Kill Rock Stars
4. Maserati - Pyramid Of The Sun - Temporary Residence
5. Outer Space - s/t - Arbor Infinity
6. People Of The North - Deep Tissue - Jagjaguwar/Brah
7. Rangda - False Flag - Drag City
8. U.S. Girls - Go Grey - Siltbreeze
9. Werewolves - Someday We'll Live In The Forest - self released
10. Woods - At Echo Lake - Woodsist

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