Bottomless Pit

There was this band called Silkworm who had been putting out consistently good and underrated albums for the last fifteen years. They played the good type of post-punk influenced Midwestern indie rock. Silkworm came to a tragic end in 2005 after the death of drummer Michael Dahlquist. Dahlquist was killed in a car accident caused by another driver's failed suicide attempt. Silkworm had released albums on Touch & Go, Matador and C/Z. They even wrote what might be the best song of the 1990s, "Couldn't You Wait." Their finest hour in terms of a full length album is probably 2000's Lifestyle.

Bottomless Pit were formed in 2005 by the other two members of Silkworm, Andy Cohen and Tim Midgett. They teamed up with Chris Manfrin of Seam and Brian Orchard of .22. They have a new album out on Comedy Minus One called Blood Under The Bridge. While certain stylistic points are similar, Bottomless Pit has its own sound. The more abrasive rock leanings of Silkworm have been smoothed over into a sleeker and cleaner Krautrock-esque style. The songs move in a different way now. The fact that there are two guitar players allows for more intricate guitar lines to develop and expand the sound, as is exemplified in the opening track "Winterwind." The album as whole works very well. Also worthy of note is their first album, Hammer of the Gods, which is where the video at the top is from.


For more information: Comedy Minus One

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