Denver In Dallas

Alright so there was this website called Useless Division that my friend and I would look at all the time in high school. I think it was some guy from Armor for Sleep, or one of their friends that took videos of all these bands they encountered on tour. Regardless, there were a ton of sweet videos of Murder by Death, Northstar, and this one of Denver in Dallas that we watched about 50 fucking times a day:

Why do I like it so much? Well, their singer, Matt Holdren slings his body around the stage and runs into the crowd (always a plus for me) while the guitar players (Ramon Alarcón and Adam Delnegro) perfectly compliment each other using tight leads, awesome controlled feedback, and the prettiest odd timed dual-guitar riff at 4:23.

They released an EP After Diego on ECA Records (2001, 2004?), but I'm not really sure what happened to them after that.
Check them out if you like old Deep Elm stuff, dancing, The Get Up Kids, or At The Drive-In.

Also, because I lurk their old myspace page I noticed that they posted two songs (from their 2001 demo?), including an older version of "Arizona" from After Diego. Check out "And The Light Faded" and "The Day After" here:

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