Best of 2016: Albums

If nothing else, 2016 delivered a lot of great music. A bunch of my favorite bands and musicians released new slabs of vinyl or compact discs so that made me happy. There were a few newcomers and reissues in there as well. I've kept the CD trend rolling from the last year or two. It's a more practical and affordable format in all honesty. I'm a little surprised I didn't find an indie rock band with guitars that plays short, catchy songs this year. As tired as that type of sound can be, I usually stumble on to at least one because I do like to hear melodies to balance out the other stuff. I know I left a couple of albums out, but I wanted to keep the list at a manageable size. As always any album had to be released in the calendar year and I had to listen to it a lot. And if you are one of those types who needs a definitive album of the year, then that honor goes to Unicorn Hard-On's Dream Machine.

The list goes band/album/label for those with questions of that nature.

01. The Body - No One Deserves Happiness - Thrill Jockey
02. MV Carbon - The Sun Will Turn On You - Discombobulate Records
03. Suzanne Ciani - Buchla Concerts 1975 - Finders Keepers
04. Cellular Chaos - Diamond Teeth Clenched - Skin Graft Records
05. Cloud Becomes Your Hand - Rest In Fleas - Northern Spy
06. Sarah Davachi - Dominions - JAZ Records
07. The Dead C - Troubled - Ba Da Bing Records
08. Max Eilbacher/Alex Moskos/Duncan Moore - SEF III - Ehse Records
09. Ekin Fil - Being Near - Helen Scarsdale Agency
10. Glitterbust - s/t - Burger Records
11. Good Willsmith - Things Our Bodies Used To Have - Umor Rex
12. Horse Lords - Interventions - Northern Spy Records
13. Machine Listener - Endless Coil - Tusco/Embassy Press
14. Prostitutes - Ghost Detergent - Spectrum Spools
15. Matthew Ryals - We Could Make The Ride Better For Everyone - Behind Glass Records
16. MJ Guider - Precious Systems - Kranky
17. Secret Boyfriend - Memory Care Unit - Blackest Ever Black
18. Umberto - Alignation - Not Not Fun
19. Unicorn Hard-On - Dream Machine - Untergang-Institut
20. Venetian Snares - Traditional Synthesizer Music - Timesig
21. Zaïmph - Between The Infinite And The Finite - Yew

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