Best of 2016: Cassettes

There were a lot of good tapes released in 2016. It was a little difficult narrowing things down, but once I hit twenty I stopped adding to the list. I know I left a few quality releases off that maybe on a different day would have been on here. I also tried to keep it one cassette per label, although Hausu Mountain is on here twice and could have easily had more. Not Not Fun and Umor Rex are slightly underrepresented and Constellation Tatsu probably should have had at least one tape on the list. As always any tape had to be released in the calendar year and I had to listen to it a lot. And if you are one of those types who needs a definitive cassette of the year, then that honor goes to Denying The Other by Radiator Greys on Hausu Mountain.

The list goes band/album/label for those with questions of that nature.

01. Lea Bertucci - Axis/Atlas - Clandestine Compositions
02. Bodyshrine & Streetcleaver - split - Noise Dad Tapes
03. CAO - Marginal Virgin - Opal Tapes
04. Kate Carr - It Was A Time Of Laboured Metaphors - Helen Scarsdale Agency
05. Cloning - Gimerack - Refulgent Sepulchre
06. Forest Management - Acclimation - Amethyst Sunset
07. Ice - Scream Club - More Records
08. Maar - Absolute Delay - Umor Rex
09. Yves Malone - Today Is The Last Day Of The Rest Of Your Life - Field Hymns
10. Jake Meginsky - Seven Psychotropic Sinewave Palindromes - NNA Tapes
11. Sean Pierce - Transit - Motor Collective
12. Plagues - Of Ash & Relic - New Forces
13. Pod Blotz - The Voltaic Eye - Nostilevo
14. Quiet Evenings - Oak & Lead - Adversary
15. Radiator Greys - Denying The Other - Hausu Mountain
16. Scraps - T.T.N.I.K. - Not Not Fun
17. Sound Out Light - Currents - Lillerne Tapes
18. Stroker - The Bitch - No Rent Records
19. TALsounds - Lifter + Lighter - Hausu Mountain
20. Witchbeam - Accidental Sirens - Mistake By The Lake

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